About Me

If like me, you want to duplicate or build new parts for your old vise that you can not find then check out what I do in my small machine shop here in Estes Park.

I was a tool and die maker, but retired after becoming frustrated with the pay scale and respect lost for this dying trade. I had a shop that built injection molds in my basement but the business gradually gave way to the Chinese tools the Injection Mold shops were buying.

I enjoy working on old Wilton, Reed, Starrett, Chas Parkers, Prentiss and the other Bench Vises that were made to last in America. Here in my blogs I will share what I have learned and how I do it. Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Click here to leave a message

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. great information on how you make your parts , Im currently looking for a wilton bullet vise . And at the price I want to pay I’m sure it will need some new parts.

    • Hi Mark
      It is always exciting to get a new old tool knowing you are going to bring it back to life, nothing helps a vise better then a new set of jaws. I prefer the smooth set’s but that is me, I work in a machine shop and can not have my tools marred by serrations. Good luck on your new Vise.


  2. Kevin, I’m highly impressed by your site, the work you show on it, and your dedication to quality. It’s quite clear that for you to make a new set of inserts for the jaws of my Chas Parker vise will take a lot of skilled labor but I think the vise I have would be worth the investment. I just might have to sell some of my household furnishings to pay for it! Anyway, when you have a moment to consider the project, would you try to let me know how much it would probably cost me?
    I thank you in advance.

  3. I’d like to buy a set of your pipe jaws. Please contact me. Please either email or call me. (360) 482-1251. Thank you.

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